blueplanet is green. We concentrate on environmentally sustainable, future orientated technologies which are applied in the fields of hygiene, water and food. From the start and to its full extend, ESG is part of our growth. We act in the interest of our environment; we are social, and we follow all subjects to a sustainable and responsible corporate governance.

The resource everything revolves around at blueplanet is water, as our most important and most valuable good of the future. It is more important than ever, to protect and reprocess this resource.

One quarter of the world’s population has no access to clean drinking water. Food shortage, hygienic ills and diseases are the consequences. Meanwhile our groundwater is being further contaminated along with wasting on a large scale and missing opportunities of reprocessing.

blueplanet allows a more careful and ecological responsible handling of our blue planet, through innovative technological developments. Water hygiene and -treatment, highly efficient ecological disinfection, specific use in agriculture and health preparations for humans and animals are equally fields of application as nebulization for sterile indoor environments.

Our verified solutions are highly effective and non-residue, protect our environment and are able to provide clean drinking water for everyone in the future.