blueplanet ● hygiene stands for eco-friendly surface and nebulization disinfectants, non-toxic pet care hygienic products, disinfection of drinking water pipe systems, purification of process and swimming pool water.

Regional offices for our hygiene solutions

Middle East:

Our innovative production facilities and efficient bioreactors have been successfully developed over decades and produce solid, biological and environmentally friendly, non-toxic disinfectant solutions with a minimum durability of 24 months.

The purity of ANOSAN® as well as its manufacturing process are unique and are validated and monitored by the Institute Fresenius.

We are setting new benchmarks with the treatment of drinking, cooling and process water, the disinfection of objects and surfaces as well as with the germ reduction on food. The safety and compatibility for consumer and environment are always the first priority. Our ANOSAN® act pure, fast and pH neutral.

This disinfectant eliminates bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi without any residues and development of resistances. 100% efficiency with zero side effects.

The disinfection solutions from ecabiotec AG are used in a wide range of applications, among others, in drinking, cooling, process and swimming pool water purification, surface and air disinfection, as well as in antiseptic medical products (e.g. for wound treatment). They are suitable for use in industry (e.g. for disinfecting machinery, assembly lines, work surfaces, floors or tanks – also in food processing and packaging or in beverage production & bottling), in pet care and livestock farming and in hotels, sports facilities, schools and kindergartens, in particular also for large-area disinfection by fogging entire rooms or vehicles.