Sustainable Hygiene Concepts for Real Estate

We support real estate managers in achieving their ambitious SDG targets through a hygiene partnership.

We enable property managers to consolidate their disinfectant services in a clean, non-toxic, and environmentally sustainable way including water purification, surface and (bath)room cleaning and air disinfection.

Hygiene Partner for the Sustainable Real Estate Sector

blueplanet stands for ecologically sustainable, future-oriented technologies and products and their fields of application in the water and hygiene market.

We enable the realization of individually designed and sustainable hygiene concepts for property owners and operators. In doing so, we support our customers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relevant to them, such as SDG 6 “Clean Water and Sanitation”.

Customers from the real estate industry worldwide trust blueplanet’s products and concepts, whose areas of application range from all fields of surface disinfection and indoor air purification to legionella elimination.

Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs

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A Hygiene Partnership has Numerous Advantages for Real Estate Managers

Promotion of Health

A partnership with
blueplanet promotes health and well-being, safe water and indoor environmental quality.

Meet the Green Leases

All products are based on a solution that is biological, environmentally friendly and non-toxic and therefore
meet the standards of green leases.

Sustainable Supplier

By using disinfection and cleaning solutions from the company rated
by ISS oekom as best-in-class, you choose the most sustainable supplier of hygiene products.

Enhance ESG

We help property managers to fulfill their ambitious ESG targets and enhance their ESG score.

Usable Office Space

Through cold nebulization, offices / meeting rooms / common rooms can be made usable again without

VCarbon Footprint Reduction

Our smart solutions enable energy savings. Besides, all products are manufactured carbon neutral in Germany. We obtain the packaging from a producer in Germany.

Use Cases of our Technology and Service

Contaminated Rooms and Surfaces

The formation of groups of persons increases the risk of contamination with airborne diseases through aerosols. It is often not possible to keep enough distance from other people to avoid airborne infection. In addition, virus-bearing aerosols can stay floating for hours in enclosed spaces.

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Water Supply Systems

Water treatment facilities provide drinking water, that is harmless, but not sterile. Naturally occurring microorganisms reach drinking water systems in low concentrations. If they cluster, colonies of different germs proliferate, and a biofilm is formed on water covered surfaces. This biofilm is a habitable place for legionella bacteria and others to proliferate. These bacteria are slowly released into the drinking water.

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Crowd Management and Safety

Operators of public areas must establish rules easy to follow. Enforcement of regulations should not be imposed on employees responsible for other tasks.

Perfect crowd coordination may not cause additional effort for operators or hosts.

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blueplanet ● hygiene

Case Study: Nebulization in the HORECA Market

An international hotel chain uses our disinfectant products to disinfect its guest rooms in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in its 79 hotels in 10 countries.

The additional disinfectant step was Integrated seamlessly in the already existing check-up process of the rooms preceding the arrival of new guests. Therefore, operations are not interrupted or delayed.

The client receives a unique selling proposition (USP) against their competition as it can offer an additional layer of security for its guests with little increase in costs. The USP of the client creates a market pull from hotels and players from the HORECA market all around Europe.

blueplanet ● hygiene

Case Study: A-City Office Building

A building complex with a gross floor area of approx. 80,000 square meters was erected between 1998 and 2003. It rises with twelve upper floors above the ground floor up to a height of 50 meters.

The piping systems of the complex are injected with ANOSAN TW® on a regularly recurring basis to prevent infestations, this also includes the fountain in front of the building. Additionally, ANOSAN eco® is used in the air conditioning to prevent mould and reduce asthmatic reactions.

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Growing Relevance of Green Leases

The objective of green leases is to encourage the tenant to use the property as sustainably as possible and the landlord to manage the property as sustainably as possible.

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Substitution Requirement

Employers must check the possibility of substitution when working with hazardous substances. If such a substitution exists, hazardous substances must be replaced by alternatives that pose no or less of a risk to employees under the respective conditions of use.

Our Products

Efficiency of our products

Bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide

The efficiency against a variety of germs and pathogens in different application scenarios was tested and certified through multiple independent and official laboratories and field tests.

By collaborating with external laboratories, we ensure the effectiveness of our products and certify its efficiency.