Providing the food industry with a non-toxic and sustainable solution to achieve higher yields  

blueplanet ● food stands for natural, highly efficient and residue-free treatment of agricultural plants, greens and gardens. blueplanet ● food prelongs storabilty and increases harvest, treats crop diseases with any toxic side effects to improve the world’s food supply.

The increase of crop health

is an important adjusting screw when it comes to ensuring the global food supply. With a set of products that remove fungi, bacteria and viruses from plants and soil, blueplanet ● food provides the tools that agriculture producers need to increase their yield and revenues.

  • Improvement of the crop health for an increased yield rate
  • Extension of shelf lives of perishables
  • Prevention of any infections

The application of the products ranges from direct spraying on contaminated plants, watering of vegetables and fruits with added products, and nebulization of large crop areas to prevent infections, all without the risk of harm to the crop, food or risk for human health.

The Issue

Current approaches to treat diseases are considered to be environmentally unfriendly, expensive and time-consuming to implement for the user.

The Solution

blueplanet ● food provides sustainable solutions to combat diseases while simultaneously acting as a natural food preservative. blueplanet ● food is advantageous for users as they do not need to wear protective clothing or worry about harm to the environment and their plants.