Crowd Management and Safety

Operators of public areas must establish rules easy to follow. Enforcement of regulations should not be imposed on employees responsible for other tasks.

Perfect crowd coordination may not cause additional effort for operators or hosts.

Automated distance control in waiting queues allow service personnel to keep focus on customers. People standing in line are not bothered by inconsiderate neighbours avoiding aggressionsand impatience.

Crowd Coordination System

With the visual guidance of the automateddistance controlcrowds can be managed easily and infections are reduced. The integrated recognition system detects people standing in front of the unit and projects the
perfect standing position on the floor, so queues can be perfectly coordinated without staff.

If a person does not comply with the projected waiting line, the device reacts with a red light and signals visibly to everyone that the distance is not sufficient.

The system is individually expandable as required and can therefore coordinate any form of organisation or queue. For this purpose only additional devices need to be set up.

Stationary Nebulizers and Air Quality Measurement combined

With the indoor air quality measurement, the amount of CO2 in the air can be measured. The device gives the user visual feedback like a traffic light. With the help of the automatic nebulizers, it is possible to start nebulization without user interaction. For this purpose, the room quality measuring device sends a signal to the nebulizer.

It is also possible to control the operation of the system at any time per room through an app of the devices to adjust the fogging level and duration.

Automatic devices provide for a room filling protective grid, in which floating and sunken viruses or bacteria cannot survive. Spraying a very small amount of our disinfecting aerosols is carried out continuously via existing air outlets and is extremely quiet.


Perfect combination for optimal
Protection of Health

The effective combination of our products ensures maximum safety for employees and customers.

With the visual guidance of the automated distance control crowds can be managed easily and infections are reduced.

In addition, active action is taken when combined with the air quality measurement device and automatic stationary nebulizers to optimally protect health.

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