Efficient Legionella Elimination

Water treatment facilities provide drinking water, that is harmless, but not sterile. Naturally occurring microorganisms reach drinking water systems in low concentrations. If they cluster, colonies of different germs proliferate, and a biofilm is formed on water covered surfaces. This biofilm is a habitable place for legionella bacteria and others to proliferate. These bacteria are slowly released into the drinking water.

ANOSAN TW® is added, in case of an installation in a residential or office building, via our fully automatic dosing system at a central location in the building. This ensures that it can immediately develop its disinfecting effect wherever germs, such as legionella, encounter favorable conditions. The utilized water instantly becomes safe to consume, no disruption of services. During a reason-able time period of few weeks the cause of the legionella infestation, the biofouling, is completely removed.

To prevent rent reductions or defaults, an injection of ANOSAN TW® secures the quality of water in buildings and inhibits any biofouling in the pipes from evolving.

Superior to common approaches:

In contrast to our solution, thermal disinfection consumes a lot of energy and can only kill legionella, but does not eliminate biofilm. With existing biofilm, legionella can multiply again in a short time.

Thermal disinfection can only be successful at temperatures above 70 degrees. Reaching this temperature at all tapping points can hardly be feasible in large buildings. Due to the high temperatures, the tapping of water during the disinfection process is not recommended which results in interruptions of use.

Due to the very high temperature, influences and impairments of weld seams, seals or cover layers (lime pieces) are possible. Blasted-off particles can then be deposited in other places in the system and restrict operation.

Chemical disinfection with agents such as chlorine dioxide harbours the risk of corrosion of the pipes, as well as by-products that can be hazardous to health. The danger of overdosing is also always present.

blueplanet ● hygiene


is a sustainable solution for drinking water disinfection

• eliminates germs like bacteria, viruses, etc. in drinking and processed water
• degradation of biofilm in pipings
• no alcohol, aldehydes or other harsh chemical
• no corrosive or aggressive effect
• no interruption of operation when used in drinking water systems
• in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance in Germany

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