Impact on the environment

In order to protect the environment, blueplanet Investments AG undertakes to optimize all steps in the value chain of its investments in such a way that their effect on nature is as low as possible. The project includes increasing the efficiency of the raw materials used, avoiding environmental risks and harmful ingredients as well as raising awareness about sustainability among the workforce and engaging in CO² emissions-offsetting projects.

We publish both direct and indirect emissions in our transparency report. It also includes other relevant emissions data from the value chain. We publish data on CO2 emissions per employee, including targets for the next year. This information is continuously expanded and updated.

Partners must:

  • be able to demonstrate the safety of their products and processes;
  • deal with waste water in a sustainable manner;
  • measure the impact of their business activities on the environment;
  • measure the amounts of water and paper used as well as CO² emissions;
  • protect biodiversity;
  • remove harmful ingredients from their products and processes;
  • take precautions to prevent hazards and accidents with a negative impact on the environment;
  • participate in a recycling system to reduce their environmental footprint;
  • ensure compliance with these guidelines by their subcontractors.

Partners should:

  • imonitor their processes with regard to sustainability and continuously improve them;
  • use resources and raw materials as efficiently as possible. This can be done, for example, by reusing packaging or replacing raw materials;
  • reduce their CO² emissions. The goal is to balance the CO² equation;
  • keep emissions from transportation as low as possible and optimize logistics accordingly;
  • train their employees in sustainability;
  • ensure visibility of environmental problems in the public debate;
  • obtain ISO certifications according to ISO 14001, ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14064, ISO 14067, and ISO 14046.