Interactions with governments and NGOs

blueplanet Investments AG and its holdings will establish professional, fair and transparent relationships with political and administrative organisations and individuals. To this end, all applicable laws and regulations of the respective country will be complied with and appropriate security measures will be taken to ensure that these are also followed by all employees of the companies. This also includes cooperation in the event of official enquiries, insofar as these do not contain the companies’ trade secrets or restrict the rights of employees.

blueplanet Investments AG and its participations will promote their business concerns and defend them, even against political resistance. However, any support of a financial nature of political organizations (including affiliated organizations) and official bodies shall be prohibited. The blueplanet group will also not provide any political support and make no statements of an explicit political nature. Employees must ensure that business activities cannot be misinterpreted as politically motivated and should show the appropriate sensitivity when interacting with authorities.

To this end, the staff in the companies will be trained to interact with political officials (in person, via telephone, through written communication or via digital media). Only staff with appropriate training will be authorized to contact officials, political bodies and policy-makers.
Statements made to administrative or political contacts shall be truthful and as accurate as possible. Any interaction with authorities and political bodies shall be documented and backed up.

In addition, blueplanet Investments AG publishes payments to governments as a whole, as well as payments to countries in which the company is present. These are only tax payments that are made.

blueplanet Investments AG endeavors to cooperate with reputable NGOs in order to provide support as efficiently as possible. In contrast to political organizations, NGOs may be supported financially. However, it must first be ruled out that they refrain from contributing to the formation of a political opinion.