International trade and money laundering

A multitude of legislation, sanctions and customs regulations must be observed when doing business internationally. blueplanet Investments AG will comply with all these requirements in its projects and logistics and expects the same from its subsidiaries and partners. blueplanet Investments AG applies KYC and AML processes.

Likewise, the blueplanet Investments Group expects all partners to prevent any form of bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement and to put in place appropriate processes to prevent such offenses. This also includes the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Partners must:

  • use the export and import classification of goods, software or technology to determine whether an official permit may be required for export/import;
  • ensure that all necessary licenses or permits have been obtained prior to all export/import transactions and comply with all requirements, export permits or exemptions;
  • report all conflicts of interest in relation to the cooperation with blueplanet Investments AG and its investments. This also includes the involvement of political parties and individuals;
  • comply with all export controls, economic sanctions and customs laws governing the crossborder transfer of goods and technology;
  • provide complete and timely information on the import declaration and classification of goods, as well as a comprehensive product description;
  • make all business and commercial transactions transparent and record them in their books to prevent money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • prevent cash or other items of value from being given as a bribe. Other benefits such as (without being limited to) gifts, bribes or job offers may not be accepted or given if they exceed the value of 20,00€ cummulative for each half year;
  • ensure compliance with these guidelines by their subcontractors.

Partners should:

  • establish a monitoring system for all documents created in the import/export process in order to be able to respond to queries from blueplanet Investments AG without delay;
  • introduce the principle of dual control, particularly in dealings with public authorities, governments and other public officials, so as to minimize the risk of bribery;
  • be transparent in their communication with authorities and cooperate with them.