The requirements for the partners of blueplanet Investments AG as well as its participations are based on the “Fair Compensation” guidelines and the additional requirements of the company’s HR policy.

Partners must:

  • respect the human rights of their employees;
  • treat their employees fairly and with respect;
  • not employ children or use forced laborers;
  • ensure the safety of their employees.
  • To this end, regular training sessions must be conducted, target parameters set, and independent verification ensured;
  • protect the rights of their employees (personality rights, privacy rights, etc.);
  • recruit applicants based solely on their aptitude and exclude all discrimination;
  • provide applicants with all information needed in the context of the recruitment process in an understandable form;
  • pay their staff fairly, which means complying with statutory minimum wage standards o paying living wages on a full-time basis;
  • not hinder the formation of trade unions or works councils and recognize them as negotiators in wage negotiations;
  • abide by the applicable statutory health and safety rules;
  • prevent any exploitation or abuse of staff. This includes the prevention of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior;
  • ensure compliance with these guidelines by their subcontractors.

Partners should:

  • design wages to reflect market conditions and serve as an incentive for their staff;
  • organize the working hours of their staff in such a way that they comply with the legal requirements and do not exceed a maximum average of 48 hours per week for more than four months;
  • develop processes to improve occupational safety;
  • introduce processes to ensure that requirements are met and can be verified;
  • provide additional staff benefits;
  • provide staff with a clear career path.

In addition, blueplanet Investments AG works to ensure that its contractual and cooperation partners confirm that there is no slavery, child labour or human trafficking in any part of the company and that the respective corporate policy is in line with internationally recognised human rights principles such as the UN Global Compact.