Personnel policy


The guiding principle of the HR policy of blueplanet Investments AG is the positive participation of employees of all companies in an environment that promotes diversity and ensures equal treatment for all regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, skin color, religion, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, parenthood, social class or political views. To this end, blueplanet Investments AG follows
three basic principles: Respect for people (based on the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work), promotion of further training as well as fair treatment and wages.

Respect for people includes preventing all forms of involuntary work and child labor, upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and evaluating applicants without prejudice by assessing their suitability for a position purely on the basis of their skills, training and experience. This also includes ensuring working conditions that are not only safe, but also take into account the circumstances of all employees.
blueplanet Investments AG is committed to the further development of the skills of its employees and ensures that their staff are offered sufficient opportunities for further education and that they receive sufficient training to be able to perform their tasks. Further development also includes the position within the organization and a clear career path should be mapped, where possible.

The minimum compensation to be paid by blueplanet Investments AG and its subsidiaries is the statutory minimum wage. In addition, compensation should serve as an incentive for a positive identification with the company. The freedom to organize in trade unions is respected and trade unions are accepted negotiating partners in wage negotiations. In addition to these basic principles, blueplanet Investments AG establishes processes in its participations with the help of which compliance with these principles can be monitored and ensured. The basis of these processes is the transparent two-way communication between employees and managers. It is ensured that addressing problems does not result in disadvantages for the reporting person within the organization.

We confirm that there is no slavery, child labour or human trafficking in any part of blueplanet Investments AG, its affiliated companies or any of its own business or that of its suppliers. Our corporate policy is in accordance with internationally recognised human rights principles such as the UN Global Compact. Since the company was founded, we have not registered any cases of discrimination, neither at blueplanet Investments AG nor at its affiliated companies.