blueplanet Investments AG ensures that the above-mentioned guidelines are also observed during the cooperation with its partners. To this end, internal and external measures are taken to identify any breaches of the cooperation conditions at an early stage and to be able to take action.

blueplanet Investments AG actively monitors media and NGO reports on sustainability. It also ensures that the staff of its participations are trained in sustainability topics and that an option is available to report violations directly to blueplanet Investments AG. This is an anonymous reporting option and does not entail any disadvantages for the whistleblower.

The criteria for assessing suppliers and partners are also subject to internal review at regular intervals to ensure that they are up to date and in line with to country-specific circumstances to ensure that all affiliates have a proper decision-making basis. To this end, contacts are established with experts in order to be able to draw on the latest findings.
The aim is to cooperate with the partners of blueplanet Investments AG and its subsidiaries to design and implement projects that lead to sustainability improvements on both sides and are conducive to a mutual learning process.

Partner information is verified on a random basis to ensure the information is sufficiently valid even for one-off and low-value transactions.

A modified Code of Conduct for suppliers is planned, which must also be signed before a contract is executed. This Code of Conduct will be established on the basis of this document and the minimum requirements to the partners on both sides will be specified in writing.