Processes to ensure compliance with guidelines and principles

In order to implement our corporate guidelines and achieve the goals we have set ourselves, blueplanet Investments AG is establishing a process- and customer-oriented integrated management system within all of its subsidiaries on the platform of

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • DIN ISO 26000 – Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • DIN ISO 14001 including
  • occupational safety (health), fire safety, environmental protection and data protection as well as crisis management.

All holdings of blueplanet Investments AG must sign a declaration of compliance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

With the help of the HRCA Quick Check List of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the board of blueplanet Investments AG conducts an annual review of its own business activities as well as the activities of its subsidiaries. For this purpose, a trustworthy control person is appointed to the management level or the supervisory board of each foreign participation.

Our employees are informed about our corporate strategy, guidelines, objectives and other topics by the management board or by their managers at regular one-on-one meetings and strategy meetings, or through notices.

In addition, workshops on the guidelines are held annually by internal or external experts. Relevant problems are presented and discussed based on case studies. When hired, each employee is provided with information on our Corporate Governance Guidelines and signs a declaration that they understand and will comply with it.

The management board and the managers furthermore ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities with regard to product safety and quality, among others, and that the mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of their actions are effective. These mechanisms are clearly specified and documented in job descriptions/task schedules and in relevant instructions.

Managers are obliged to inform employees in detail about new developments and changes during regular meetings. Employees have the opportunity to ask questions and communicate directly with the quality management officer on quality- and hygiene-relevant topics and they are entitled to obtain information on the relevant results and the resulting consequences of internal audits in administrative and operational areas. In addition, employees are able to anonymously report violations of the principles and guidelines of blueplanet Investments AG. The reports are investigated and appropriate measures are taken to prevent misconduct in the future. No punitive measures are taken against employees who report an infringement, so-called “whistleblowers”.

Management meetings with the management board and executives are held at regular intervals to ensure internal communication and a constant flow of information.

blueplanet Investments AG strives to fully comply with the requirements of the German Corporate Governance Code (DCGK) for the IPO.