Product specifications and social responsibility


blueplanet Investments AG is aware of the responsibility arising from its investments. Companies and products that are furnished with capital have better chances in the market. Conversely, this means that blueplanet Investments AG can influence the sustainable development of mankind by choosing the recipients of its capital allocations.

Vision and mission of blueplanet Investments AG are designed accordingly.
Our mission: “We invest in sustainable technologies and provide everyone with clean and safe water. We offer the opportunity to invest in sustainable companies, reduce the environmental footprint of investors and increase their social responsibility.”

In addition, blueplanet Investments AG is committed to supporting the 17 sustainable development goals agreed upon by the United Nations. Goals 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 17 in particular are currently in the focus.

The current vision statement is: “We will replace all chemical, toxic and polluting ingredients in water-based processes. These processes include water purification, disinfection, hygienic disinfection, agriculture and food processing.” The Mission is therefore clearly focused on objective 5, sustainable development, while simultaneously pursuing the aforementioned objectives.

The investment strategy of blueplanet Investment AG is based on three standards, which form the basis for the behaviour and product development of its investments. The first is sustainable product specifications – all in all, the products and services that are financed must have at least no negative impact on the environment in the short term, but must necessarily have a positive effect in the medium term. Secondly, investments must fulfil their social responsibility, to which blueplanet Investments AG has also committed itself, and thirdly, the companies involved must deal responsibly with government authorities, official bodies and NGOs.